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Newbee are the victors of the Shanghai Dota 2 Open


Newbee takes home the RMB200,000 ($30,000) first place prize for the Shanghai Dota 2 Open after easily defeating CDEC in the best-of-five finals.
Team EnVyUs' Polt stepping away from Starcraft


Team EnVyUs’ Polt has announced he is going to step away from Starcraft in order to fulfill his mandatory military service.
Team Secret are the Champions of FACEIT Invitational


Team Secret took a convincing 2-0 victory over Vega Squadron to secure their first Championship title after the 2016 Fall Shuffle.
Fnatic to miss ESL Pro League Seaon 4 Finals


ESL have confirmed that Fnatic will not be attending the Pro League finals in Brazil.