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Sporting Lisbon officially lauches eSports department

One of Portugal's biggest teams, Sporting Clube de Portugal, today announced the official formation of their eSports department
CS:GO News Week in Review: August 8th

Catch up with the biggest news in competitive Counter-Strike from the past week and stay up to date with the scene.
Wings Gaming trample EG on their way to TI 6 Grand Finals

Evil Geniuses, the returning Champions at TI6 found themselves for the third year in a row facing a Chinese team in the upper bracket final and for the third time in a row they got knocked down in the lower bracket with a 0-2 defeat.
The university eSports LAN event presented by WCA and Gameshow

WCA and Gameshow will be teaming up to bring a LAN event for university Dota teams at Gamescom this month.