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Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu
Digital Chaos take revenge against Wings to win group B at ESL One Genting

First day of ESL One Genting ended with a TI6 grand finals rematch, Wings Gaming versus Digital Chaos, for the Group B supremacy.

Wings Gaming and Digital Chaos put on a  show with their games today in group B. Wings were the first to start off the 2017 with their signature twist drafts and knocked down WG Unity, the home crowd favorites, with a carry Vengeful Spirit and a support Pudge. Digital Chaos opened their day with the signature Meepo of Aliwi "w33" Omar in the bo1 match against Execration. If Wings looked a bit rusty in their matchup against WG Unity, not the same can be said about DC, who dominated Execration to win the game in under 30 minutes with a 8/0/11 personal score on Meepo and a 8/0/16 on Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok’s Luna.
With their victories in the first round, Wings and DC were set to meet in the winners finals of group B, which suddenly became a TI 6 grand finals rematch. All three games were needed in order to determine who would secure a guaranteed top four finish in Genting and who would have to fight again tomorrow. The clash between the TI 6 winners and the runners up brought three very exciting games that are worth going back to check the replays in case you missed them.
Game one marked (hopefully) the return of Gyrocopter to the meta as Wings ran the hero on Chu "shadow" Zeyu, while they had a strong answer for w33’s Meepo in the form of a Winter Wyvern for Li "iceice" Peng.  Going fast forward through the game, courtesy of the Winter's Curse, w33 managed to kill himself more often than his adversaries and Wings were able to turn around most of the team fights to secure the victory.

For the second game, it was DC’s turn to outplay and outmaneuver the Champions with a late game Naga Siren for Resolut1on. The only way Wings had to deal with the Naga illusions was the Aghanim's Scepter Warlock ultimate and despite that the Chinese managed to stay alive and play sort of a split push game of their own with Terrorblade, up until the 57 minute mark. when they admitted defeat and had to go for a deciding game three
The final game of the day was quite a stomp from DC, who went with an interesting and hard to execute draft at the same time, but it paid off one hundred percent. Rubick and Omniknight, the first two picks from DC, mislead Wings as the second support proved to be Pudge. For some reason, Wings decided to try the ranged Lone Druid option, building all the items on the hero and not on his Spirit Bear, which in the end proved to be really detrimental for their game. Despite having a great vision advantage from both Beastmaster and Bounty Hunter, the TI6 Champions couldn’t avoid Pudge's hooks well enough nor the early ganks from DC’s Ember Spirit and ended up losing the series in 42 minutes with an overall kill score of 42 to 12 in DC’s favor.

Day two at ESL one Genting will open tomorrow, January 7 at 03:30 with two elimination series. First to enter the arena will be Fnatic vs NP, from group A followed by Execration vs WG Unity from group B.

January 7, 03:30 CET - Fnatic vs NP (elimination match Group A)
January7, 07:15 CET - Execration vs WG Unity (elimination match Group B)
January 7, 11:15 CET - Virtus Pro vs TBD (decider match Group A)
January 7, 15:00 CET - Wings Gaming vs TBD (decider match Group B)

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