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Overwatch Related April Fools 2017 - Recap


It was April Fools yesterday, and with it came a bunch of pranks. These are the ones that we saw in the Overwatch community.
Only two Western teams have been invited for APEX Season 3


After rumours, it was confirmed today only two Western teams will be invited to Korea this time around.
Newbee claim back to back titles in DPL


Newbee claimed their second championship title for DPL after a resounding 3:1 victory over LGD in the Grand Finals. Last season Newbee took down Invictus Gaming 3:0 for the title.
Kiev Major: Virtus.Pro send iG.V packing after 2:0 sweep


And then there were 12. In the last series of the night iG.Vitality were sent packing after dropping 2:0 to Virtus.Pro. The Chinese team was the fourth team to end their Kiev Major journey early.