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Posted by Nick "Dorazion" D'Orazio

A team with nothing to lose
What is the hardest thing about being a pro player?

To be a professional player, you have to sacrifice. You have to sacrifice your time, you have to spend 10 more hours to practice each day. Sometimes when we practice at 2 PM, we finish at 2 AM the next day.
There is simply no time to watch movies, enjoy another hobby or get a girlfriend. It’s a huge sacrifice.
He laughs.
But still, some of my teammates still have girlfriends! I don’t even know why they do. How is that possible?

What do you think of the Monkey King Samuro skin?

The skin is very cool, I wish more of the Eastern Chinese style skins would come in the game. My favorite would be if Blizzard implemented Romance of the Three Kingdoms style skins. Someone like Zhaoyuan would be amazing! Perhaps heroes in the traditional Taoism attire.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you for the support- I promise I will keep playing my hardest as a professional player!
Li " qianxiao " Qian founded Super Perfect Team with one goal-- to one day break free from amateur leagues and play with professional teams. With this goal achieved, the next step is actually winning.

SPT was casually watching the rest of the GCWC after being eliminated from the tournament. They were engrossed in each match and appeared to be discussing the draft intensely. After the game and during the time between matches, I found the time to sit down with the teams captain and a translator to ask him a few question.

I was interested in what it takes to become a profesional team in China and how SPT got to where they are today:

Can you introduce yourself and your role on the team?

Hello, I go by qianxiao and I am the captain of SPT. I joined July 2016 so not too long ago. I am the teams ranged assassin and specialist player.

What is the hardest part of competing on an international stage?
Mmm. If you don't play well and you make a mistake the pressure can make it really hard to come back from. You and your team know that everyone is watching andIf you don’t play well, the pressure is really hard to come back from.

What are Super Perfect Teams strengths?

I think our story is our biggest strength. We graduated to professional Heroes from the most basic of grassroots origins. That means, as a team, we have absolutely no pressure from what is expected of us. We are a team coming from nowhere. We have suddenly appeared on the big stage and I think it makes it easier for us to play and have fun.

What is our teams general strategy on the draft screen?

We really like two tanks, two ranged assassins, and 1 support. To us, this forces a more standard style of game and we think we are most familiar and comfortable with this type of play.

What moments are you most proud of as a team?

I can’t pick just one. There was one moment when we played against MVP Miracle. We won the first match and it felt our really paid off. That feels like the best moment.
But, then again, there was one match during Ballistix (at the GCWC) that we were way behind at first. We were losing in every way. Suddenly, we kill their Dehaka and the momentum shifted. We came back and it felt incredible. We never thought we could beat them ever, but we did.

How do you avoid tilt and make a comeback?

We think that is what really makes a team.-- a group that can stay calm. To make a comeback you have to remain calm and never hurry. It's important to keep vocal in your chances to win:

"Just trust me and trust in each other!" I say to my teammates. If we hesitate because of distrust, we will never win.

What do you think is the biggest strengths of western teams? How can they improve?

For western teams, their drafts are really good. Sometimes we think their drafts are even better than Korean teams.
But their personal skills and mechanics are not so good. Certainly lower than the Chinese teams. They need to improve that aspect and stop hesitating. Do they distrust their own ability?

What separates a good ranged assassin from a great one?

It’s all about understanding talents plus mechanical practice. At least 8 hours per day. Also, if a player doesn't have talent, even if they play a ton, it will never work.
To carry in a MOBA and become a star player it's 99 percent work and one percent talent. But that one percent is crucial.

What do you think about current state of balance?

The heroes that need a nerf are Valla, Tassadar, and Auriel. The combo is just too strong. These three heroes can play against 5 heroes. I’ve seen it happen!
Some of the mages need to be buffed. Jaina and Kael’thas especially. Sometimes, when a player chooses Jaina, everyone is forced to tell them not too. They just are too weak.

Do you ever get starstruck playing against professional teams? How does it feel to actually “BE the professional team now?

We think our personal skill has reached the professional level far before we were recognized and together as SPT. To me, it's not that big of a deal-- it feels like we belong.

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