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Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu

EG, DC, Wings and Newbee to play at China Top 2016 this weekend
picture courtesy of Wings Gaming
Held over the course of two days, December 17 and 18th, in Shenzhen, China Top 2016 is an invite only event organized by the Chinese General Administration of Sports.

With the main goal being to strengthen the importance of electronic sports and to raise awareness on the gaming industry, China Top will be held at the Palace of Prince Gong featuring competitions in Dota2, Warcraft III,CS:GO, Hearthstone and Royal War. For the Dota 2 tournament the Chinese officials have put a total of ¥ 1,600,000 (~$230,740) prize pool up for grabs and invited four of the 2016’s best teams.

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