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Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev

New Paladin card revealed: Grimestreet Enforcer
The new Hearthstone expansion is certainly pushing towards minion-based Paladin decks.

Revealed by Korean players JuPanda and Handsomeguy, the latter of which got international fame by making to three consecutive HCT APAC grand finals and winning two, Grimestreet Enforcer is a new Paladin 5-drop minion at 4/4 stats.

Similar to the recently shown Grimestreet Outfitter, the Enforcer has the hand-buffing mechanic that affects all minions in hand. Unlike Outfitter, who does this on Battlecry, the Outfitter triggers at the end of every turn, providing a source of repetitive buffing. Unlike his little brother, Grimestreet Enforcer is more tuned to mid-range / control Paladin decks as opposed to aggro ones, as it can buff late-game threats such as
Tirion Fordring or *CARD "ragnaros lightlord" NOT FOUND*.

With recent reveals, almost a quarter of the expansion has already been show as we’ve seen 39 of the 132 total cards. By the end of this week, popular streamers and players will continue to reveal cards from the Grimy Goons syndicate, one each day.

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