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Posted by Seth "sshogun" Sawant

OpTic Gaming victorious at Northern Arena
OpTic Gaming have been crowned the victors at Northern Arena Montreal following a surprising win over G2 eSports.
The North American team secured the $50,000 first place prize today following their unexpected victory over G2 eSports in the grand finals match of Northern Arena Montreal. Perhaps even more surprising was the fact that the team beat out a number of other highly competitive teams who were in attendance, including names such as Liquid and EnVyUs. The playoffs bracket can be viewed below:
The series kicked off on de_cobble, where the French side took a 1-0 lead following a nail-biting 16:14 win over OpTic. The North Americans quickly bounced back on the second map however, with relative comfortable 16:12 victory on de_dust2, a map that NA teams are known to excel on. The deciding map came down to de_train, where OpTic had no trouble closing out on G2 with a final score of 16:7, clinching them the series 2-1. The finals standings for Northern Arena Montreal 2016 are:

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